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Welcome back to my Blog! I still can't believe it's been 6 months has gone by since being married to the most amazing man. It felt like just a month ago we walked down the aisle together! I hope you enjoy the photos from our Special Day! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Wedding Day so memorable! 

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Love these shoes from Babe <3

Jewelry from Renaissance Bridals

My Makeup Artist / Milana Yarmolich

Thank you to / My family for making this day a dream come true! <3

My beautiful Flower Girls did so well! <3

Loved our Ceremony Venue at Cameron Estates! The lighting really added that touch of elegance! 


My beautiful Floral Bouquet made by / Irina Enne

My gorgeous Henna done by / Joyful Canvas

Our stunning Reception Venue / Mulberry Art Studio

Thank you to / Karina from European Elegance for my Hair

Thank you to / Anastasia Onishchenko for all your Decor help & bringing my vision to life! 

Centerpieces / Irina Enne

 Our beautiful Wedding Cake / House of Clarendon
Topper / Toppers with Glitz

My Handsome <3

 On the Rooftop of Mulberry

Delicious Desserts / Sandy's Cakes & Cuisine 

Both of our Rings were from / Milan J Diamonds, King of Prussia Mall 

Mirror / Myself (which took me way longer than expected, but worth it!) 

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Hey there! 

Thank you for stopping by my Blog! I am so excited for this post because it's my very first Lookbook I did! I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below on your favorite outfit! I love reading your comments!

Thanks so much! 

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Welcome back to my Fashion Blog! Thank you for taking a moment and stopping by :) I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE places to shop on Cyber Monday! Here are my TOP 5 PICKS with the Codes : 
1. FashionNova -- -- Code : CYBER
This is a must! My favorite place to shop! They have everything! 

2. The MOON Closet -- -- Code : CyberMon20
Check out my online store for some unique accessories, dresses, and skirts! Everything on the site is 20% OFF! 

3. Bebe -- -- Code : CYBERSALE
Bebe is a classic. Their items are a bit on the pricier side, but the quality is amazing! 

4. ALDO Shoes -- -- Prices marked down, as shown. I love ALDO's accessories! They have some awesome deals going on today! 

5. DSW -- -- Take $10 OFF $49, $20 OFF $99, $40 OFF $199
Their shoes are some of the best! The variety they offer can't be beat! 


Thank you for reading! :) 

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Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great summer! Thank you so much for coming back to read this post. This post is very special to me. Our Honeymoon could not have been more amazing! My now husband surprised me at the BWI Airport with the location to our Honeymoon! 

I hope you enjoy the photos! Comment below where you went on your Honeymoon if you're married! 

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We went to...Turks & Caicos!

 The car we rented & we had to drive on the left hand side! 

The most beautiful sunset at GraceBay Club - The Infinity Bar

The water was breathtaking, crystal clear & so warm! This beach was so secluded, sometimes we were the only ones on the beach! It was picture perfect! 

The food was just incredible! Everything tasted so fresh & delicious! We enjoyed every restaurant, but our dinner on the beach was our favorite & most memorable! 

The menus lit up! How cool! 

A little love from babe <3

We passed by many villas that were just stunning! And they were all beach front! We loved each one, they each had their own personal style & name! 

On the walk back from the beach.

More stunning villas! 

We took this path to get to Taylor Bay Beach at Chalk Sound. This was by far our favorite beach!

The sand was white & felt like butter on your feet! It felt so relaxing, and just look at that water! This swim is from Triangl.  

I loved this cover up! It was so light & airy! I got it from Ebay. The swim is from The MOON Closet, & the Sunhat is from Marshalls. 

This dress is from's so comfy!

Our little villa had such beautiful nooks and arches! 

These little guys were everywhere, but they were so friendly & cute! Chris would call them our "little  friends" & we looked for them each time we came to our room lol! 

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3 TIPS for Healthier, Smoother, & Better Looking SKIN

Hi Everyone & Welcome back to my Blog! So glad you could take some time to read this post! I would love to share with you my beauty secrets that I have been doing for years now! It really works! I have seen a major change in my skin since I started using these 3 tips I am about to share with you! So here we 3 TIPS for Healthier, Smoother, Better Looking Skin!


TIP #1 : Eat a HANDFUL of Almonds A DAY! Trust me, you will not even notice a handful. Try to buy Organic Unsalted Whole Almonds! Almonds are so good for you in so many ways! If you eat a HANDFUL of Almonds a day, you WILL notice a change in your skin complexion! 

*Try adding Almonds to your salad, yogurt or even make your own Homemade Granola! It's super easy & delicious! You can add anything you want in the mix, just make sure there is a HANDFUL of Almonds!

TIP #2 : Use Coconut Oil as an EYE MAKE UP REMOVER! I have been doing this for about 2 years now, and I will not go back to any other make up remover! It just makes your eyelashes & eyelids feel so soft! I also massage Coconut Oil into my eyebrows to help them grow! Try it, I have noticed more hairs growing! 

*OIL PULLING : Also, you can use Coconut Oil to rinse your mouth! It's called Oil Pulling! If you have never done have to try it! I know this kinda sounds gross, but once you do it a couple of times you will get used to it! Take a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil & rinse it in your mouth for about 8-10 minutes. Then DO NOT spit it out in the sink, because it will CLOG your pipes. After 8-10 minutes just spit in out in the trashcan! You will have whiter, cleaner and brighter teeth!

TIP # 3 : DRINK WATER! I keep hearing from everyone, DRINK MORE WATER! It's true, water helps flush out dirt, oils and toxins from the body. 

*WEIGH YOURSELF. Take your weight and DIVIDE it by 2. Convert the number you get from OUNCES into CUPS. That's how many cups you should be drinking a day!

DIY Wreath : made by me
Almonds : Wal-Mart
Coconut Oil : Costco


Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by & read my post!


Comment below on which TIP you are most excited to try or have already tried, to be entered into my upcoming GIVEAWAY! Details coming soon!!!

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