A Sweet Gift from my Love...

2/25/2016 07:45:00 PM

Hello everyone! I'm so glad you are here...and I am super excited to be sharing this post with you! So my fiancé had mentioned to me that he got me a couple of gifts for Valentine's Day. He told me that one of the gifts would be a bit held up.

It was well worth the wait! He got me the Chanel Perfume Bottle Purse! I absolutely love it! The design is so unique and I cannot wait to wear it out! Keep your eye for Outfit Posts!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Moon & Me

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  1. Soo cute!! Can't wait to see how you style it.

  2. Thank you Irina! Be sure to look out for my Insta page to see! Thanks for commenting!

    Moon & Me


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