3 TIPS for Healthier, Smoother, & Better Looking SKIN

Hi Everyone & Welcome back to my Blog! So glad you could take some time to read this post! I would love to share with you my beauty secrets that I have been doing for years now! It really works! I have seen a major change in my skin since I started using these 3 tips I am about to share with you! So here we go...my 3 TIPS for Healthier, Smoother, Better Looking Skin!


TIP #1 : Eat a HANDFUL of Almonds A DAY! Trust me, you will not even notice a handful. Try to buy Organic Unsalted Whole Almonds! Almonds are so good for you in so many ways! If you eat a HANDFUL of Almonds a day, you WILL notice a change in your skin complexion! 

*Try adding Almonds to your salad, yogurt or even make your own Homemade Granola! It's super easy & delicious! You can add anything you want in the mix, just make sure there is a HANDFUL of Almonds!

TIP #2 : Use Coconut Oil as an EYE MAKE UP REMOVER! I have been doing this for about 2 years now, and I will not go back to any other make up remover! It just makes your eyelashes & eyelids feel so soft! I also massage Coconut Oil into my eyebrows to help them grow! Try it, I have noticed more hairs growing! 

*OIL PULLING : Also, you can use Coconut Oil to rinse your mouth! It's called Oil Pulling! If you have never done this...you have to try it! I know this kinda sounds gross, but once you do it a couple of times you will get used to it! Take a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil & rinse it in your mouth for about 8-10 minutes. Then DO NOT spit it out in the sink, because it will CLOG your pipes. After 8-10 minutes just spit in out in the trashcan! You will have whiter, cleaner and brighter teeth!

TIP # 3 : DRINK WATER! I keep hearing from everyone, DRINK MORE WATER! It's true, water helps flush out dirt, oils and toxins from the body. 

*WEIGH YOURSELF. Take your weight and DIVIDE it by 2. Convert the number you get from OUNCES into CUPS. That's how many cups you should be drinking a day!

DIY Wreath : made by me
Almonds : Wal-Mart
Coconut Oil : Costco


Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by & read my post!


Comment below on which TIP you are most excited to try or have already tried, to be entered into my upcoming GIVEAWAY! Details coming soon!!!

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Never Too Much Leather

Hi Everyone! 

I've always loved styling leather w leather! I think it adds a different vibe to the whole outfit. Try styling a pair of colored leather pants w your favorite graphic tee for a more laid back relaxed look. Or change out the top and to make it more dressy. Either way, make sure your clothes and especially your leather pants fit you well! It doesn't hurt to hem the bottom ( or even tucking the bottom in a couple of times, a trick that I always use when I don't have time to hem my pants ) I really hope that you enjoy this post! I hope this post helped! :)

I want to see how you style your leather pants...#mymoonstyle for me to see your posts! I will feature my favorites on my Blog here and on my Insta Page :)

Thanks for reading!

Top : Made by Chris ( my fiancé )
Leather Pants : Missguided
Trench Coat : Bebe
Shoes : BCBG Generation
Hat : Marshalls 
Purse : Chanel
Bracelet : Cartier 

Moon & Me 


Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day! I am so thrilled to share this post w you and announce my very FIRST COLLAB w a Jewelry brand! They are based in New York City and ALL their designs are stunning! Each one is unique in its' own way! I was immediately drawn to their "Vivian" design. Now they are expanding their collection w some awesome sunnies, bracelets & rings!! I hope you have a chance to check them out --> www.mirinacollections.com 
Make sure to use the code : mirinagirls for 20% OFF your order! Don't miss out!

My cousin Dan Danilyuk took these photos! These are all in Downtown Lancaster by the Marriott Hotel!

 How pretty is this jacket color?

These we shot on top of the parking garage!

Hey there wind...lol!

 The "Vivian" necklace...all ONE stunning piece!

 Love these flats...glad I brought them along!

An awesome alley way we found! I never knew about this!

It was so windy out! 

Again in that same awesome alley way!

I just LOVE how delicate the lace looks paired w some leather! I forgot I had this top! 

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Earrings : Thrifted
Necklace : "Vivian" from Mirina Collections
Top : Missguided
Skirt : The Moon Closet 
Shoes : Christain Louboutin ( So Kate )
Flats : UGG Australia 
Bag : Chanel
Pom Pom Keychain : Marshalls
Hair & Makeup : by Me

Thanks so much for reading! I would greatly appreciate if you checked out www.mirinacollections.com and used the code!

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