Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great summer! Thank you so much for coming back to read this post. This post is very special to me. Our Honeymoon could not have been more amazing! My now husband surprised me at the BWI Airport with the location to our Honeymoon! 

I hope you enjoy the photos! Comment below where you went on your Honeymoon if you're married! 

Thanks for reading! 


We went to...Turks & Caicos!

 The car we rented & we had to drive on the left hand side! 

The most beautiful sunset at GraceBay Club - The Infinity Bar

The water was breathtaking, crystal clear & so warm! This beach was so secluded, sometimes we were the only ones on the beach! It was picture perfect! 

The food was just incredible! Everything tasted so fresh & delicious! We enjoyed every restaurant, but our dinner on the beach was our favorite & most memorable! 

The menus lit up! How cool! 

A little love from babe <3

We passed by many villas that were just stunning! And they were all beach front! We loved each one, they each had their own personal style & name! 

On the walk back from the beach.

More stunning villas! 

We took this path to get to Taylor Bay Beach at Chalk Sound. This was by far our favorite beach!

The sand was white & felt like butter on your feet! It felt so relaxing, and just look at that water! This swim is from Triangl.  

I loved this cover up! It was so light & airy! I got it from Ebay. The swim is from The MOON Closet, & the Sunhat is from Marshalls. 

This dress is from FashionNova...it's so comfy!

Our little villa had such beautiful nooks and arches! 

These little guys were everywhere, but they were so friendly & cute! Chris would call them our "little  friends" & we looked for them each time we came to our room lol! 

Moon & Me 

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