Hello my lovely friends! 
Thank you for stopping by. I cannot believe it's already Fall! This year has flown by and love the changing seasons, so I wanted to share my Fall Styling Tips with you! 

Tip # 1 : The Oversized Jacket / Cardigan

Although it's not too cold out during the day, the mornings and evening can be quite chilly. That's why I love this Olive Green jacket, so throw over when it gets chilly. Try finding a jacket or cardigan that's a bit on the longer side. It's very flattering for any body shape. 

Tip # 2 : Over-the-Knee Boots

I love a good pair of over the knee shoe. Whether it's a flat or heeled boot, they sure keep you warm! I throw on a pair of over-the-knee socks for extra cushion and warmth. I got these grey suede boots to match any Fall / Winter outfit. 

Tip # 3 : A Pop of Color 

With any outfit, a little pop of color always makes the outfit! My go to pop of color choices are : my lips, my bag, nails, or shoe. In this case, I went with my lip and nails. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! 

Olive Green Jacket / Faded Glory
Striped Dress / No Boundaries
Grey Suede Boots / Dream Paris - Amazon
Lip Color / L'oreal Color Rich Collection - 406 Zoe's Red
Purse / Marshalls

X Anita

Popped & Paired | Summer Treat with SkinnyPop Popcorn

Hello there! Welcome back to my Blog! 

OH my Goodness...there's so much yumminess on this post! Your Summer days are about to POP! Throw the perfect picnic or movie night with SkinnyPop Popcorn! 
With a variety of flavors to choose from...Pop & Pair your favorite popcorn with the complimenting Summer drink!  

My PICK features my favorite combination, Salt & Pepper! That combined with the refreshing taste of blueberries & mint from the Blueberry Mojito, makes this pairing the perfect Summer treat! 

Packed with amazing flavor, NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMO's or trans fat! 

The most delicious Popcorn: 

Have you Popped & Paired?

X Anita

Atlanta, GA | Weekend Trip

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog, so happy you're here because I have some exciting news! 

Keep reading to find out :) 

We drove to Atlanta, GA for the weekend, and it was my first time ever actually stopping and staying in GA! We passed through GA many times, but never spent the night. It was truly an awesome experience! Everyone had that Southern hospitality, and was very nice. The service was a bit slower I have to admit, compared to restaurants back home. We got a little impatient at some restaurants, lol because we're so used to the fast service at home.

Downtown was just stunning! 

I highly recommend going on the Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel! The view was incredible! You're enclosed in this little cabin with A/C and glass doors all around! It was so neat! It was so funny, because we came there after dinner, only to find the longest line ever! So we had to come back the next day :)

I also recommend going to Whiskey Blue and Bourbon Bar. I wouldn't recommend going to Cinnaholic. They serve speciality cinnamon buns with toppings of your choice. The line was way too long, and the service was horrible. We might try the one back home! 

Our food at Whiskey Blue 

Our drinks at Bourbon Bar

We had so much fun...and the reason why we went down there was to meet a special friend :) Her name is Hope and she had known my husband and his brother for a while. She is considering moving up here :) We will be back to visit Atlanta again! 

Going out to dinner :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! 

X Anita 

Weekend in Center City, Philadelphia

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you had a fantastic week! I wanted to share with you our experience in Center City, Philadelphia. We came here to celebrate my husband's birthday! Traffic was brutal but that's probably because it was a Saturday, and it seemed like everyone was out and about. Once we reached Philly, we had a late lunch at Monica's Pier, a restaurant right by the water! It was so beautiful! 

Then we checked into our Airbnb, which was stunning!

We had dinner at the house, then went out into the city to enjoy the night! We stopped by an awesome nightclub called, Rumor. We had a great time and everyone was so friendly! 

Thanks so much for reading!

X Anita 

FACE Ur Fashion Fears | Try-Day Friday w/ Dia&Co.

Hi! Happy Friday! 

Don't you love Friday's? I sure do...and today I am sharing with you something kind of scary, but exciting and different at the same time...have you ever put that one dress or shirt on and looked in the mirror and thought, nah this won't look good or people will think I'm crazy for wearing this? 

Trust me...I've had plenty of those days! Dia&Co has been inspiring women to step out of their comfort zone, be confident and FACE Ur FASHION FEARS! Don't be shy to style that one piece of clothing you never get to wear! Style it up & be CONFIDENT! 

I'm styling my 3 piece PVC set from Missguided. I love the color and texture of the pieces! It's a statement, and I hope you love it too! I encourage you to try a different material, texture or just different piece of clothing too! 

Share it with using the #trydayfriday #styleitup #faceurfashionfears #confidence

They've asked me to celebrate Try-Day Friday, a challenge their office does every Friday, to try that new dress, shoe or style whatever it may be! Step out and be confident! Inspire others to do the same! 

Dia&Co. offers an online shopping experience with personal stylists that hand-pick items that match your style profile, taste and budget! It's delivered straight to your doorstep! 

Head to toe / Missguided

X Anita 


Hey there! Welcome back to my Blog! 

This collab was so fun to shoot and I am so excited to share with you a Boutique that's so unique, stylish and affordable! Hello Gorgeous is located in Camp Hill, PA and is defiantly worth the drive! They have a little bit of everything, from stylish clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, to home decor and kids toys! Almost everything is in great condition or brand new! The new owner Miranda will find the perfect outfit, accessory or shoe for you! She's so great to work with and so stylish!

They also have LV handbags,  accessories as well as other designer items! How exciting! I can't wait to go back! Here's how I styled some of their lovely pieces! 

Parabal Gurung Heels & Off-the-Shoulder Dress 

BCBG Maxi Dress 

Fendi Boots & Ralph Lauren Dress

Parabal Gurung Heels and Amma Jo Cut out Dress 

Be sure to check them out! 

X Anita 

Spring/Summer Travel | ESSENTIALS

Hi there! Happy Friday! 

Who doesn't love a good vacation? I know I sure do! My tips on packing your Travel Essentials for your Spring or Summer vacation will keep you fresh, put together and most importantly you'll be prepared! Here are my tips on organizing your essentials for that next trip to where ever it may be, near or far! 

1. Pack everything in 1 bag and place small or leak prone items in a plastic bag (also place these in another bag) trust me you don't want your coconut oil melting in your bag).

2. Place all other items in the bigger bag (I put my coconut oil, vaseline, bobby pins, perfume, hair ties in that smaller bag). The rest of the bigger items like my DO, brush, band-aids, tide-to-go, lotion, hand sanitizer I put in the bigger bag).

3. Always get your Travel Essentials ready before you leave on your trip (you may need to restock or wipe some of the product. It doesn't hurt to have a clean bag :)

Here is my list of products I typically bring with me on every trip :

- Band-aids
- Coconut oil
- Hair Brush/comb, hair tie, bobby pins
- Eye Drops
- Tylenol 
- Perfume (at least one)
- DO
- Tide-to-go (this is a MUST! And a Lifesaver!) 
-Hand sanitizer 
- Lotion 
- Oil sheets 
- Tissues/wipes
- Hair Cream

- Bag / Victoria's Secret
- Headphones / Frends
- Other products / Wal-Mart, Weis, Sharp Shopper (get them anywhere you shop)

Obviously you can't fit everything you need in this bag, but at least your Essentials are organized! 

Thanks for reading! Where are you headed? Comment below! 

X Anita 

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