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Hi there! Happy Friday! 

Who doesn't love a good vacation? I know I sure do! My tips on packing your Travel Essentials for your Spring or Summer vacation will keep you fresh, put together and most importantly you'll be prepared! Here are my tips on organizing your essentials for that next trip to where ever it may be, near or far! 

1. Pack everything in 1 bag and place small or leak prone items in a plastic bag (also place these in another bag) trust me you don't want your coconut oil melting in your bag).

2. Place all other items in the bigger bag (I put my coconut oil, vaseline, bobby pins, perfume, hair ties in that smaller bag). The rest of the bigger items like my DO, brush, band-aids, tide-to-go, lotion, hand sanitizer I put in the bigger bag).

3. Always get your Travel Essentials ready before you leave on your trip (you may need to restock or wipe some of the product. It doesn't hurt to have a clean bag :)

Here is my list of products I typically bring with me on every trip :

- Band-aids
- Coconut oil
- Hair Brush/comb, hair tie, bobby pins
- Eye Drops
- Tylenol 
- Perfume (at least one)
- DO
- Tide-to-go (this is a MUST! And a Lifesaver!) 
-Hand sanitizer 
- Lotion 
- Oil sheets 
- Tissues/wipes
- Hair Cream

- Bag / Victoria's Secret
- Headphones / Frends
- Other products / Wal-Mart, Weis, Sharp Shopper (get them anywhere you shop)

Obviously you can't fit everything you need in this bag, but at least your Essentials are organized! 

Thanks for reading! Where are you headed? Comment below! 

X Anita 


HI there :)

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Winter seems to drag on and on...but then the weather slowly starts turning, the day gets longer, and finally the sun feels warmer! I love that feeling! Sometimes, the Spring weather can still bring a cold breeze. Here are my tips to prep your wardrobe for a smooth transition to SPRING :) 

  1. Don't put those boots away just yet! Boots are a great way to transition from different temperatures. Pair them with a pretty Spring dress, or a blazer with some jeans for a casual look. Mix it up...add a skirt or some high waisted pants!
  2. Add some flare to your outfit by pairing a Winter accessory to your Spring outfit. Try adding a wrap, or cardigan like I did here. It still gives you the warmth you need with a touch of dimension to your outfit.
  3. Don't forget to accessorize! Spring is the perfect time to bring out those fun colors and accessories! Bring out those bright pinks, yellows, and greens! Finish off your outfit with your favorite piece of accessory...whether it's a statement necklace or a bright colored scarf, it will complete the look! 

Here's how I styled by first Winter to Spring Transition OOTD...

Wrap / Faded Glory
Turtle Neck / Marshalls
Pants / H&M
Boots / Dream Paris (Amazon) 
Statement Necklace / Mirina Collections
Ring / Aldo
Purse / Marshalls

X Anita

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