Atlanta, GA | Weekend Trip

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog, so happy you're here because I have some exciting news! 

Keep reading to find out :) 

We drove to Atlanta, GA for the weekend, and it was my first time ever actually stopping and staying in GA! We passed through GA many times, but never spent the night. It was truly an awesome experience! Everyone had that Southern hospitality, and was very nice. The service was a bit slower I have to admit, compared to restaurants back home. We got a little impatient at some restaurants, lol because we're so used to the fast service at home.

Downtown was just stunning! 

I highly recommend going on the Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel! The view was incredible! You're enclosed in this little cabin with A/C and glass doors all around! It was so neat! It was so funny, because we came there after dinner, only to find the longest line ever! So we had to come back the next day :)

I also recommend going to Whiskey Blue and Bourbon Bar. I wouldn't recommend going to Cinnaholic. They serve speciality cinnamon buns with toppings of your choice. The line was way too long, and the service was horrible. We might try the one back home! 

Our food at Whiskey Blue 

Our drinks at Bourbon Bar

We had so much fun...and the reason why we went down there was to meet a special friend :) Her name is Hope and she had known my husband and his brother for a while. She is considering moving up here :) We will be back to visit Atlanta again! 

Going out to dinner :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! 

X Anita 

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