Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | BABY SHOWER

Hi there! 

I am so excited to share with you photos from our Baby Shower for our baby boy Milan :) 

We had our shower at the Eicher Arts Center and I am so happy we had it inside because it was so humid and hot that day! 

A huge THANK YOU to my lovely sisters, parents, family and friends for helping with decorating, cooking food and coming out to celebrate Milan! Milan is so loved! 

I decided to continue the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...Do You Know How Loved You Are?" from the invites to the shower.

My sister Julia, made those cute rice crispy chocolate dipped stars :) My mom made the blue jello and ordered the macaroons and marshmallow bites. We even had blue punch to represent our baby boy!

Cake and cake pops are from House of Clarendon.

How cute are these centerpieces? We used the cages from my wedding and hung stars and put fluffy pillow filler for the "cloud" look.

Royal Icing Cookies made by me as our favors. I also made white chocolate stars on a lollipop stick :)

Gorgeous backdrop by my SIL Anastasia! Check her out, she does all different kinds of backdrops and decor for parties and weddings! Her channel and handle is Handmade by Anastasia.

Our other centerpieces, fluffy clouds that I'll be using in Milan's nursery :)

My love <3

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the photos :)
Check back soon for the Nursery Tour!

X Anita 

Lavender Sun Co. | Adorable Onesies & Baby Clothing


Can we take a moment and just awe over these adorable onesies?! Seriously how cute! Lavender Sun Co. has what you need for baby to be comfortable and stylish. They have everything...from the cutest onesies to pajamas to going out outfits to swim and shoes! They also have baby and toddler sizes! 

I picked out 2 adorable onesies for my baby boy and I can't wait to style them! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check out Lavender Sun Co.'s website for more! 

X Anita 

HUBBY'S BIG 30TH | Photoshoot

Welcome back! 

Wow how time flies!!! I can't believe my best friend (AKA my hubby) lol hit 30!!! It was so exciting/nerve wrecking planning his surprise party. He kept telling me he was dreading turning 30, but after the party he seemed to be doing okay! I just wanted everything to go smooth.

Friday night, the day before the BIG surprise party, we went out to his favorite restaurant (The Belvedere Inn). While he was at work, I had dropped off a cake, confetti, champagne and these cool #30 balloons I ordered from Amazon! So when we got there, he had no idea about the table! He loved it! 

Saturday evening, the day of the surprise party, my 2 sisters came over while we were away doing our Birthday Photoshoot (that was my excuse to get him out of the house and hey it worked lol) to set up for the party! They did such a great job setting up and decorating the house and even picked up tacos that I ordered because the theme was "Let's Taco it Up"! Getting him upstairs was probably the hardest part lol. As soon as we got home from the photoshoot, the plan was to go upstairs and change. So I urged him to go upstairs first because everyone was waiting up there. He insisted on changing later because he wanted to go pick up our car at his parents house. Then as I was trying again to get him up there, we heard a little noise upstairs lol. He freaked out and I played along and said "I'm scared!" He was like let me go check it out and then that's when everyone came out and surprised him haha! It was great! He was defiantly surprised and had no idea about it!!! 

I hope you enjoy the photos from his big day! 
Comment below if you want to know where I got any of the decor or cake!

X Anita   

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