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Welcome back to my blog! I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic Summer! It has been SO HOT here in PA! How's the weather where you are? Comment below! I hope you are also healthy with everything going on with Covid-19. My heart goes out to the ones that are not feeling well.

In today's post I am featuring FEMME LUXE, a loungewear company that has amazing options for pajamas, loungewear and even some going out outfits! I have listed all the links for the products I am wearing as well as the sizes I am wearing. I LOVE this brand! Their products are so affordable & fashion forward!
You will look cute anywhere you go, even if it's at home, to the grocery store or a sleepover! 
I wore some of the loungewear to our family beach/cabin trip and I got so many compliments! 
They are so SOFT and comfortable! Make sure you size UP if you want a more looser fit! 

Check out their amazing website for all of their Loungewear Collections! 


Outfit 1 / Pink Slogan Loungewear / Size S

Outfit 2 / Stone Loungewear / Size 6

Outfit 3 / Camel Loungewear / Size S/M

Outfit 4 / Ooh La La Tee / Size 6/8

Outfit 5 / Pink Bardot Loungewear / Size S

Take a look at all of their Collections! 


As always, thanks for stopping by!

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